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Canadian Sociological Association

The Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) is a professional association that promotes research, publication and teaching in Sociology in Canada.

Our membership comes mainly from sociology departments in Canadian universities, but there is a notable and welcome group from other social science departments, community colleges, from a wide range of non-academic settings (government, NGO, and private sector) and from abroad. The total membership is approximately 1,000.

Existing members (from 2010 to 2016): You will need to reset your password the first time that you login to Forum.


NEW - May 2020

As part of the package of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) related reforms, the CSA’s membership form is an opportunity to assess the success of the CSA in attracting members who reflect the diversity of Canadian sociology, to develop initiatives to support members belonging to socially marginalized groups, and to resist the structures of inequality that govern our everyday lives. The data collected will be optional. We commit to reporting these data only in aggregate form that does not identify any members. We will use any data collected to improve programs and services to reflect the diversity of the membership as well as ensure representation within the governing bodies of the CSA.


Membership Fees

Payment can be made by credit card or cheque and must be in Canadian funds.

  • Full-time academic (regular) - Sponsor: $200 for 1 year / $380 for 2 years
    • University or college faculty earning $50,000 CDN or more who would like to contribute to the Association's EDI programs
  • Full-time academic (regular): $150 for 1 year / $280 for 2 years
    • University or college faculty earning $50,000 CDN or more
  • Full-time non-academic (regular): $100 for 1 year / $185 for 2 years
    • Government or private sector employees and others in non-academic positions earning $50,000 CDN or more
  • Retired (academic or non-academic): $80 for 1 year / $150 for 2 years
  • Medium-low income: $80 for 1 year / $150 for 2 years
    • Academic or non-academic employees earning between $30,000 and $50,000 CND
  • Low income: $50 for 1 year / $90 for 2 years
    • Academic or non-academic employees and unemployed individuals earning less than $30,000 CND
  • Student or postdoctoral fellow: $50 for 1 year / $90 for 2 years

All fees are subject to tax.

The full address (including Province) is required in order to calculate applicable taxes.   The Canadian Sociological Association will not process membership registration or renewals until the full fee and taxes have been paid.

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